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Licensure FAQ

Licensure FAQ

Questions about the edTPA


Q:  What is the edTPA?

A:  The edTPA is the state of Illinois mandated final performance assessment for all licensure candidates.  Passage is required to obtain an Illinois license.  Your program faculty and staff will provide you program specific information on the edTPA assessment which will be completed in your final student teaching/internship semester.


Q:  How do I Receive an edTPA Fee Voucher?

A:  The edTPA voucher is located on your student portal.  If you do not have one at the time of registration, please contact the Council.


Q:  Must I have passed all of my licensure tests before I apply for licensure?

A:  No. You should apply for licensure during the last semester of your program and prior to completing all tests.  However, the content test and the edTPA must be passed before you can be entitled for licensure.