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PDH for CP Service

Earning Professional Development Hours for Cooperating Professionals


As a cooperating professional, you may earn ISBE PD hours for mentoring University of Illinois candidates in clinical experiences.  Supervising an early field experience candidate earns up to 12 PDH depending on the number of clock hours involved in the placement.  For placements that involve mentoring a final semester student teacher or intern, you may earn 30 PDH.

Cooperating professionals submit an experience narrative to begin the documentation process.  The steps on the left will guide you through this process. 

- For Fall placements, narrative forms are due between October 15th and February 15th.

- For Spring placements, narrative forms are due between February 16th and June 15th

If you have technical questions, please contact CoTE:


Thank you for mentoring our candidates!


Please note, these directions apply to educators applying for professional development hours for serving as a cooperating mentor to a teacher candidate, not for attending a PDH training event. 

If you are interested in PDH for attending a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign sponsored training event, please click here and search for "PDH."