Council on Teacher Education

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CoTE Unit Staff

Responsibilities of the Council

- Monitoring the progress of each candidate in each licensure program to ensure that they meet requirements for licensure established by the Illinois State Board of Education ISBE) and the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board (SEPLB);  

- Entitling all eligible candidates for licensure;  

- Providing technical assistance to program faculty and staff in developing and submitting program proposals, revisions, and annual reports, as required in the Illinois Administrative Code (Section 25.115);  

- Managing student teacher placements, university supervisor assignments; 

- Awarding tuition & fee waivers to cooperating personnel in partner schools; 

- Maintaining contracts between the university and partner districts;  

- Collecting and analyzing data from assessments of candidate progress; report findings to program faculty and staff and assisting them in developing plans for improvement;  

- Monitoring state and/or federal laws and regulations pertaining to licensure, and assist program faculty and staff with compliance activities; 

- Facilitating & coordinating professional development (PDH) activities and records; 

- Advocating and leading, at the state and national level, professional educator preparation.