Council on Teacher Education

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CoTE Unit Staff

Council Unit Staff


Brenda Clevenger Evans, Associate Director and Licensure Officer

Brenda joined the Council in the Fall of 2009 and is the campus Licensure Officer. She is responsible for overseeing the licensure division of the Council in addition to managing the budget.



Robin Craig, Licensure Specialist

Robin started with the Council during the Summer of 2020.  She performs licensure audits and reviews student records to ensure all requirements have been met prior to approving entitlements and endorsements.



Crystal Gowda

Crystal joined the Council in the Fall of 2021.  She answers the phone and does the data entry for Teacher Licensure and Clinical Experiences.  She also schedules meetings, arranges travel, purchases offices supplies and is the contact person for the school districts.



Nancy Latham, Executive Director

Nancy joined the Council in 2018. She oversees Council activities and chairs the CoTE Executive Committee.  In addition, Nancy works with the ISBE Licensure Board (SEPLB) and works with legislators and state leaders to advocate on behalf of Illinois teacher preparation. Before coming to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Nancy served for 20 years at Illinois State University as an early childhood professor and administrator.


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Suzanne Lee, Assistant Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Suzanne supports Council activities involving program proposal and revision and liaises with program staff on completion of required state and federal reports. She also manages systems related to the university’s activities as an ISBE-approved professional development provider.  


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Vaskia Reid, Technology Information Specialist

Vaskia joined the Council in 1995 as part of the Educational Career Services Office.  After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in 2007, she moved to the IT Division of the Council.   As the Information Technology Specialist, she assists in creating and maintaining the database operations of the Council.



Leslie Sherman, Senior Data Systems Developer

Leslie joined the Council in the Spring of 2022.  She supports the Council's data analytics and reporting needs while designing, developing, and maintaining its data systems and portal applications.