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V:  State Mandates

Required Tests for Illinois Licensure


The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requires the passage of specific tests for licensure in Illinois.  These tests include: 

1) the Illinois Content Test in your licensure area and (Section 25.720 (c)).

2) the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) (Section 25.720 (e)).

State law requires all candidates seeking licensure to pass the Illinois Content Test for the specific licensure area prior to student teaching.  Specific information on the score required, the required test, how to submit scores to ISBE, and helpful hints regarding these licensure tests can be found at the Illinois Licensure Testing System website. 

The Illinois State Board of Education requires first-time teacher licensure candidates pass a teacher performance assessment, currently the edTPA.  This assessment is completed during the student teaching semester.

Testing mandates can be revised or changed by legislative rule change.  It is important for candidates to read any information received from the preparation program or the Council on Teacher Education (CoTE) regarding changes in licensure test requirements or logistics.  Further information on testing can be found at the ISBE website.

See resource (Section 25.720).