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IV:  Procedures

Withholding a Recommendation for Licensure


1.  Within ten days of the end of student teaching the clinical experiences, program coordinator drafts a letter to the candidate informing him/her of the decision to not recommend for licensure.  The letter must state the reasons for the decision and indicate any remediation that would make it possible for the student to obtain a recommendation.

2.  The draft is given to the executive director for review.  The executive director must approve the letter before it is sent to the candidate.  The letter is then sent to the candidate with a copy to the executive director and licensure officer.

3.  Upon receipt of the copy of the letter, the executive director writes to the candidate informing him/her that Council has been notified of the decision to withhold a recommendation for licensure.  The letter will include a restatement of the options, if any, for remediation and remind the individual that licensure requirements are subject to change without notice.  The candidate will be invited to contact the executive director if they wish to discuss the matter further.  A copy of the letter will be sent to the licensure officer, the clinical experiences program coordinator, the appropriate college dean, and department chair.

4.  If the student elects to contact the executive director, the student will be informed of the grievance procedure.