Council on Teacher Education

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IV:  Procedures

Guidelines for Reviewing Proposals


Executive Committee Review - Proposals that substantially modify the curricula; adding new requirements; increasing graduation hours; requests to establish new curricula; requests to delete programs.

Administrative Approval - Proposals requesting minor modifications to programs, e.g., substituting one course for another within the major; updating courses to ensure that the program conforms to current course offerings; replacing courses that have been dropped.

In most cases, it is easy to distinguish between major and minor revisions and to determine the appropriate level of review.  In cases where the distinction is unclear, The Executive Director will determine the Executive Committee’s preference to discuss the proposal.  If one or more members of the Executive Committee indicate a preference for discussing the proposal, it will be placed on the next agenda.  If all members of the Executive Committee indicate that the proposal does not warrant extensive discussion and consideration by the full Committee, the Executive Director will administratively approve it.

For those proposals that are administratively approved, the Executive Director will routinely report the action taken on them to the Executive Committee.