Council on Teacher Education

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IV:  Procedures

Guidelines for Monitoring CAP GPA for Teacher Licensure Candidates


Once a candidate is admitted to a teacher licensure program, the candidate's University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GPA will be monitored each semester to make certain that his/her academic record warrants continuation in the program.  Upon review, if it is found that one or more of the following GPAs (Urbana campus, overall, content area, or professional education) has fallen below 2.5 or the GPA established by the candidate's individual program, a warning letter will be issued to the candidate by CoTE.  Clinical experience program coordinators, advisors, and the appropriate representative to the CoTE Executive Committee will receive copies of the candidate warning letters so they can follow up with the candidate as deemed appropriate by their specific department.

Student Teaching:  If any of the candidate's GPAs, as listed above, is below 2.5 or the GPA established by the candidate's individual program the semester prior to student teaching, the candidate will not be allowed to student teach unless he/she has petitioned CoTE to continue and been granted permission to do so.