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III:  Clinical Experiences

Requirements for Successful Completion of the Clinical Experience for Initial Teaching Programs


Candidates must comply with all other program-defined responsibilities in addition to those listed below.  Educational Practice (student teaching) courses are graded S/U (satisfactorily/unsatisfactorily).

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professional Educator Candidates must:

●  comply with all CoTE expectations during student teaching,

●  satisfactorily meet expectations of the Danielson Evaluations, receive no lower than a total of 44 on the evaluation and receive no scores of 1,

●  complete the following administrative/record keeping responsibilities, such as but not limited to

- submit time reports for approval by cooperating teachers and university supervisors.

Teacher candidates must also meet all requirements of their programs to earn a satisfactory grade in student teaching.  The satisfactory completion of student teaching is one of the CoTE requirements for recommendation for licensure.  Occasionally, teacher candidates do not fulfill course requirements and receive a grade of "U".  Typical reasons for such a grade are:

●    the candidate fails to do what is required in the student teaching experience,

●    the candidate repeatedly exercises poor personal and professional judgment which impairs effectiveness,

●    the candidate's instructional performance remains unsatisfactory throughout the experience, and

●    the candidate is unable or unwilling to meet the time demands of student teaching. 

Remediation of a candidate's weaknesses must be attempted as soon as the areas of weakness can be identified.  Options for the candidate, such as extra time or an additional experience, are discussed on case-by-case basis.