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III:  Clinical Experiences

Reliability Training for Supervisors


Date/Timing:  New Supervisor Hires

In order to ensure reliability, all University supervisors responsible for consequential evaluation of student teacher/intern performance during clinical practice are required to complete approved initial training and annual recalibration, in the use of their program’s clinical practice assessment instrument(s).

Exceptions will be made for supervisors who have previous training and/or licensure in the use of the appropriate instruments.

Date/Timing:  Rationale (from the CAEP Evidence Guide, January 2015)

“The CAEP Standards place direct responsibility on EPPs for the quality of evidence on which they rely for continuous improvement and accreditation.  Providers demonstrate that the data used in decision making are valid, reliable, and fair (free from bias). . .  For accreditation self studies, providers present empirical evidence of each measures psychometric and statistical soundness.  They describe their processes for testing the validity, reliability, and fairness of measures and instruments used to determine candidate’s progress. . . “ (p.8)

“Reliability in its various forms can be supported through evidence of:

- Agreement among multiple raters of the same event or artifact (or the same candidate at different points in time),

- Stability or consistency of ratings over time, and

- Evidence of internal consistency of measures.”  (p. 18)

 "Observations of teacher candidates in field placements . . . employ an element of peer judgement embodied in a trained observer using a well-developed observational protocol."  (p. 35)

See reference.