Council on Teacher Education

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III:  Clinical Experiences

Conditions for Student Teaching Through Another Institution


1.  Candidates must petition the Council on Teacher Education for permission to student teach through an institution other than the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  While student teaching through another institution is discouraged, petitions will be considered on an individual basis.  Petitions must have the approval of the appropriate advisor, clinical experiences program coordinator, dean, and executive or associate director of the Council.

2.  The candidate must provide a signed statement verifying that he/she;

a.  agrees to register for student teaching at the Urbana campus and complete all documents (student teaching time reports, portfolio documents, and all elements of the Common Assessment Plan) that would be required if he/she were student teaching through Urbana;

b.  understands that any costs associated with placement/supervision through another institution are his/her sole responsibility.

3.  The clinical experiences program coordinator must verify in writing that:

a.  the accepting institution is recognized by the State of Illinois for teacher education,

b.  the supervising individual meets our qualifications,

c.  the student teaching experience will be comparable to what is required at the Urbana


d.  the school(s) which will be used for placement are accredited by that state/country, and

e.  the cooperating teachers are properly licensed in the state/country.

4.  If the candidate has requirements other than student teaching to complete, the advisor or clinical experiences program coordinator must provide a written explanation of how the candidate will do so.

5.  The school district in which the actual student teaching will take place must sign the same contract (Clinical Experience Placement Agreement) that is required of cooperating school districts in Illinois.  The signed copy must be returned to the CoTE district liaison prior to placement of the candidate.

6.  Final action on petitions will be take only after all the conditions listed above have been satisfied.