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Foreign Language (PK - Grade 12)



The Foreign Language Teacher Education program boasts 100% employment in US school districts for those who seek teaching positions.

Grounded in the ACTFL Readiness Standards, this program prepares candidates to teach language communicatively using the presentational, interpretive, and interpersonal modes of communication.  Guided by teachers with cutting edge best practices, candidates learn to teach language proficiency and cultural perspectives through novels and thematic units rather than traditional grammar-translation.

Graduates enter the classroom with an understanding that their primary responsibility as teachers is to educate their students for democratic citizenship.  Further, teachers are instilled with an awareness of the lasting impact that a teacher’s beliefs and sense of efficacy can have on student achievement.

Please Note:  For students admitted to this program prior to Spring 2021, the approved grade range is K - 12.

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Program overview. 

Program and Placement coordinator:  Jude Krushnowski