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Clinical Experience Requirements

Student Teaching


Student teaching is a culminating experience which is often identified as the most important part of the teacher education preparation program.  Student teaching provides the opportunity for licensure candidates to apply their knowledge of subject matter and their understanding of educational theories of learning, behavior, and instruction in teaching students with diverse needs.  Student teaching places candidates in the role of a teacher; therefore, professional behaviors, conduct, and actions are required.  

University of Illinois teacher candidates are obligated to know the school district and school policies and to observe them throughout the entire student teaching experience. 

Teacher candidates should consult with their University supervisor and/or clinical experiences program coordinators regarding questions, concerns, or additional clarification of the following expectations.

The following CoTE expectations apply of all University teacher candidates during their student teaching.  In addition, all clinical and student teaching policies and professional expectations must be maintained (see below).  All University teacher education candidates must comply with any program-defined policies in addition to these listed below.  In this section, the word student refers to PK-12 students.