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Tuition/Fee Waiver Questions


Q:  What is a tuition/fee waiver and who gets it?

A:  The TFW is a waiver of tuition and service fees for one term (semester).  TFW are awarded to cooperating personnel such as teachers who host student teachers or Early Field Experience students.


Q:  What is covered by a waiver?

A:  Tuition, service fees, and the McKinley Health Center Health Service Fee for the term in which the TFW is applied.


Q:  What is not covered by a waiver?

A:  Application fee, medical insurance fee (which can be waived; see next question) and any laboratory fees incurred as part of a course.


Q:  How can I get an exemption from the medical insurance fee?

A:  Contact the Student Insurance Office (217-333-0165,, or 


Q:  Can I use my waiver for online programs?

A:  Whether or not a tuition waiver can be used with online programs (also known as "self-supporting programs") depends on the program code you are assigned.  Program codes are determined by the program major, degree/non-degree, on-campus or off, and if the program is an online program or face-to-face.  To find out which program code you are assigned, you will need to contact your program's departmental office.  Non-degree students should contact  You would then want to check to see if the program code is on the list of programs that don't allow the use of waivers.  That list can be found at


Q:  I earned some PDH by mentoring a student teacher and completing an Experience Narrative.  If I received the PDH, can I still use the tuition and fee waiver?

A:  Yes!  If your cooperating professional placement qualified you to earn a tuition and fee waiver, you also qualify for PDH.  You may elect to use either, or both.

Q:  Who should I contact if I have questions about TFW?

A:  Contact the Council on Teacher Education Office (217-333-2804) or


Q:  Are waivers transferable?

A:  No.


Q:  Does receipt of a waiver entitle me to register for classes?

A:  No.  Receipt of a waiver does not imply admission to the University or guarantee admission to a particular graduate course.  Admission is the responsibility of the colleges of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and their various departments.


Q:  How long are waivers valid?

A:  Waivers for cooperating teachers will be awarded at the end of the term of service, and may be redeemed in any one of the four terms immediately following the term of service.  Thus, if a cooperating teacher hosts a student teacher (or accumulates the required number of hours of hosting EFE candidates) during the Fall term, the TFW may be used in any one of the following terms:  Spring, Summer, Fall, or Spring.


Q:  Can I use my waiver from UIUC at UIS or UIC?

A:  Yes. Contact the Council on Teacher Education (see contact information above) to process the transfer. (Note: At UIS, the TFW only covers up to four credit hours of tuition and fees.)