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Reading Teacher Subsequent Endorsement


This endorsement requires 18 semester hours of coursework addressing each of the following areas specific to or inclusive of reading, including a practicum.


1.  Foundations of reading: 

CI 472, Teaching Reading in Grades 4-12;

CI 475, Teaching Elementary Reading and Language Arts I; 

CI 502, Introduction to Reading; 

CI 503, Reading Instruction, K-5; or 

CI 504, Reading Instruction, 6-12

2.  Content-area reading: 

CI 471, Principles and Practices to Foster Independence in Reading;

CI 473, Disciplinary Literacy; or

CI 582, Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

3.  Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems:

CI 575, Assessment in Reading


4.  Developmental and remedial reading instruction support materials and resources:

CI 576, Assessment-Based Reading Instruction

5. Literature appropriate to students across all grade ranges:

CI 467, Principles in Teaching Literature to Children and Youth;

CI 567, Children's Literature in the School Curriculum;

CI 568, Contemporary Classics in Children's Literature;

CI 585, Informational Children's Literature; or

CI 587, Multicultural Literature K-12

6. Reading Practicum:

CI 577, Clinical Practicum in Reading

7. Passing the Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist Content Exam

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