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English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Subsequent Endorsement

This endorsement requires 18 semester hours of coursework and additional requirements below.

1.  A valid Professional Educator License.

2.  ESL clinical experience equal to 100 clock hours or three months teaching experience with ESL students.  The school professional you work with where the hours are conducted needs to write a detailed letter on school letterhead documenting the nature of activities, the age group of individuals in the program, number of days/hours per day worked, etc.  The school professional may also send an email to the Council at from their school email account as an alternative to writing a letter on letterhead. 

For clinical experience through UIUC, but not through student teaching, students may enroll in EIL 214, TESL in Elementary School; EIL 215, TESL in Secondary School; or CI 595, Independent Study.

- A student log must be kept of time spent in EIL 214 or 215.

- Instructor must write a letter describing nature of activities, age group, etc.

- Log and letter must be sent to Council on Teacher Education at


Credits totaling 18 semester hours distributed among the following course areas:

1.  Linguistics - Choose one or more of the following.

LING 100, Intro to Language Science

EIL 422/ENGL 404, English Grammar for ESL Teachers

EIL 486, Ling for Language Teachers

EIL 487, Topics in Second Lang Studies

EIL 488, Phonology for Second Language Teachers

LING/ANTH 400, Intro to Linguistic Structure

CI 507, 'Linguistics for Classroom Teaching' section only or

SPAN 252, Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics [SPAN 302 prior to FA09]

2. Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL

LING 489, FR/GER/ITAL/PORT/SPAN 489, Theoretical Foundations of SLA or

CI/LLS 433, Foundations of Bilingual Education

3. Assessment of the Bilingual Student

EIL 460, FR/GER/ITAL/PORT/SPAN 460, EPSY 487, Principles of Language Testing or

CI/LLS 517, Bilingual and English as a Second Language Assessment

4. Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL

EIL 411, Intro to TESL Methodology or

CI 477, Bilingual/ESL Methods & Materials

5. Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students

EIL 456, Lang and Social Interaction I 

LING 450, Sociolinguistics I or

CI 446, Culture in the Classroom

Note: CI 415, Language Varieties, Cultures and Learning, is a restricted course, but will count for this area for those who are required to take the course.

Students pursuing this endorsement will need to take a course to address each subject area and then choose course hours from the remaining options as electives in order to attain the required minimum of 18 credit hours.