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Bilingual Education Subsequent Endorsement

This endorsement requires 18 semester hours of coursework and additional requirements below.

1.  A valid Illinois Professional Educator License.

2.  Bilingual clinical experience totaling 100 clock hours or three months teaching experience in bilingual programs.  The school professional you work with where the hours are conducted needs to write a detailed letter on school letterhead documenting the nature of activities, the age group of individuals in the program, number of days/hours per day worked, etc.  The school professional may also send an email to the Council at from their school email account as an alternative to writing a letter on letterhead. 

For clinical experience through UIUC, but not through student teaching, students may enroll in CI 595, Independent Study.

3.  Successful completion of a Language Proficiency Test for an Education License with Stipulations Endorsed as Transitional Bilingual in the non-English language to be taught.  Click here for specific testing information.

NOTE:  Per Section 25.720 b) 4) of the Illinois Administrative Code, an individual who holds a State Seal of Biliteracy or who has obtained working fluency or higher on the Global Seal of Biliteracy shall be exempt from the language proficiency test required for a bilingual education. 

Click here for more information about the State and Global Seals of Biliteracy.



Credits totaling 18 semester hours distributed among the following five required course areas:

1.  Foundations of Bilingual Education:  

CI/LLS 433, Foundations of Bilingual Education

2.  Assessment of Bilingual Education:  

CI/LLS 517, Bilingual and English as a Second Language Assessment

3.  Methods and Materials for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students in Bilingual Programs:  

CI 477, Bilingual/ESL Methods & Materials

4.  Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students: 

CI 415, Language Varieties, Cultures, and Learning

CI 446, Culture in the Classroom or

EIL 456, Lang and Social Interaction I       

Note:  CI 415 is a restricted course, but will count for this area for those who are required to take the course

5.  Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language:  

CI 477, Bilingual/ESL Methods & Materials or

EIL 411, Intro to TESL Methodology 

Electives if needed to reach 18 credit hours:

CI 507, Problems & Trends in Special Fields, 'Linguistics for Classroom Teaching' section only

Select additional courses from above or

Other electives may be approved on a case-by-case basis