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Music (PK - Grade 12)


Responsive to Shifting Dynamics of School and Society:  Music Education candidates are encouraged to be adaptive and anticipatory practitioners within the ever-changing profession.  Most importantly, they are guided to be responsive, ethical, and transformative music educators who will make positive change beyond their time at the University of Illinois.

Broad-based Musicianship:  Within the Music Education program, candidates expand their notions and conceptions of music.  Candidates create and perform within and among a wide range of musical practices and traditions with an emphasis on deep understanding of the relationships between music and its social and cultural contexts.

Breadth and Flexibility:  Music educators teach in a variety of settings to a variety of students using a variety of pedagogies.  The belief that teachers should embolden that assumption prior to focusing on specialized areas is promoted.  As such, candidates engage in diverse experiences to strengthen the foundation of their teaching practices.

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The program includes a minimum of 10 weeks of full-time pre-service clinical experience, or its equivalent. The program provides supervision and support services to the teacher. 



Undergraduate program information.   

Undergraduate course requirements.

The undergraduate curriculum is focused on teacher preparation for a wide variety of elementary and secondary school settings as well as more specialized courses in instrumental, choral, general, and technology concentrations.  Field experiences are integrated throughout the program so that preservice teachers gain valuable insights from working firsthand with experienced teacher mentors in music classrooms in the Urbana/Champaign area and beyond.  Graduates of the program teach in public and private schools in both U.S and international settings.

Program coordinator:      Bridget Sweet

Placement coordinator:   Pete Shungu


 Graduate program information.  

The Master of Music Education with Licensure Program (MME+L) is designed for students who have completed undergraduate or graduate degrees in fields of music other than music education and who wish to complete requirements leading to Illinois licensure in Music PK - Grade 12.  The program includes courses related directly to the graduate-level requirements in addition to courses in general education, professional education, music, and music education. Students in the MME+L program are required to complete Early Field Experience and Student Teaching placements as well.

Program coordinator:     Bridget Sweet

Placement coordinator:  Pete Shungu