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Computer Science (Grades 5 - 12)

This concentration provides the coursework and field experience for students to be licensed to teach computer science in grades 5-12.  The degree will prepare students to join the workforce as a teacher in middle school and high school institutions in the state of Illinois, providing them with the knowledge necessary to teach and develop computer science curricula.

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Undergraduate program information.  

Undergraduate course requirements.

Students in the undergraduate program will be prepared for a career as a teacher of computer science to middle school and high school students.  Students in this program will learn the foundations of computer science and computer programming, as well as how to plan lessons and assess the strengths and weakness of their students.  Students will also learn practice strategies on how to assist learners in overcoming specific learning challenges.


For information about the graduate program, contact Scott Filkins.


Program coordinator:  Todd Lash


Placement coordinator:  Cara Gutzmer