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Agricultural Education (Grades 5 - 12)


Agricultural education is a small program with close interaction of faculty and staff along with the resources and opportunities that a major university provides.  Candidates’ academic advisor and student teaching coordinator is also a primary course instructor, which allows for seamless guidance through the program.

To prepare candidates for the contemporary agricultural education context, topics such as social justice, variation in student socioeconomic status, and education of students with disabilities are integrated throughout coursework.

Over the past three years, Agricultural Education candidates have scored higher than the state average on the Agricultural Education contest test.  Additionally, they have performed above the state and national average on the edTPA teacher performance assessment.

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Undergraduate program information.  

Undergraduate course requirements.

Students in the undergraduate program will be prepared for a career as a high school agriculture teacher.  Students get hands-on experience at the local, state and national level with the FFA organization as they participate in class projects, conduct workshops for middle- and high-school students.  Students complete more than 100 hours of instructional experiences prior to a 12-week student teaching experience.


Graduate program information

The M.S. in Agricultural Education is a professional degree for training classroom-based educators and community and organizational developers to address issues as they pertain to teaching and learning in and about the agricultural, life, and environmental sciences.  Students are typically interested in either furthering their career in Extension, agricultural classrooms in secondary education, professional organizations in training and supervisory roles, or community development.  We also work with students interested in gaining licensure for teaching agriculture in Illinois public schools.


Program and placement coordinator:      Gary Ochs