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Logging onto the CoTE Student Portal

Note:  For best results, please use the following combination of operating systems and browsers:

              Windows machines:  Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater

              Apple OS 9 machines:  Netscape 7.0 or greater

              Apple OS X machines:  Safari

Instructions for Logging onto the CoTE Student Portal

1)     The CoTE Student Portal can be found at

2)     To log on to the CoTE Student Portal, you will need to use your Active Directory PasswordFor more information on Active Directory Passwords see  Terms below.

3)     In the User Name box, type in your NetIDFor more information on NetID see Terms below.

4)     In the Password box, type in your Active Directory Password.  If you have never used your Active Directory or have forgotten your password, please follow the instruction for Setting up your Active Directory Password below.

5)     Click on the Logon button.

6)     The CoTE Student Portal should now be loaded in your browser.

Setting up your Active Directory Password

              To setup your Active Directory Password you will need your Kerberos/NetID Password (for a description of what your Kerberos/NetID password is see  Terms below).  If you do not have or cannot remember your Kerberos/NetID password, click here to find out how to reset it.


1)     Go to the following address into your browser:

2)     Click on the link for Set or Reset Your Password in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3)     On the next screen, click on the link in Step 1..

4)     On the next screen, click on the CITES Password button.

5)     On the next screen, type your NetId in the NetID box and click on the Enter button.  For more information on NetID see  Terms below.

5)     On the next screen, type in your Kerberos/NetID password and click on the Enter button.  For more information on Kerberos/NetID Passwords see  Terms below.

6)     On the next screen, type a new password in the New password box.  Please make sure to follow the Major Password Rules outlined on the page when creating your new password.

7)     In the Verify field, type in the same password as in Step 6.

8)     Click on the Set Passwords button.

9)     When you have finished you can log onto the CoTE Student Portal -



NetID - Your Network ID (NetID) is a name assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services and also determines your University email address, which is


Active Directory Password - Some resources that rely on the UIUC AD account authentication are computer logins, Exchange accounts, and restricted web sites.


Kerberos/NetID Password - Your NetID has a password associated with it that is commonly called your NetID password (sometimes also called your Kerberos password). Your NetID password is your most important password because it controls access to a number of services that contain sensitive personal information such as Illinois Compass, Residence Hall Computers, and Walkup Computing.  Your NetID password is, in a sense, your "master" password. It allows you to set and change passwords for other services, such as email.


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