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Tuition and Fee Waivers for Staff Affiliates at the University of Illinois

Receipt of a tuition and service fee waiver from the Council on Teacher Education does not imply admission to the University nor guarantee admission to a particular graduate course. Admission to education programs is the responsibility of the colleges of the University and their various departments. It is understood that campuses may reserve the right to restrict the use of waivers.

Your waiver applies only to tuition and the application fee. You are exempt from all other campus fees, except the laboratory fee or medical fee (see below), and may not use the services supported by those fees unless you purchase them separately. You are responsible for any course-specific fees incurred as a regular part of the course.

You will be assessed fees for medical insurance, and it is your responsibility to waive this fee. To do so, you must (1) demonstrate that you have health insurance equivalent to the Student Insurance Plan, and (2) complete an exemption application form during the Student Insurance Enrollment/Change Period for the semester you wish to exempt. Further information concerning this student medical insurance coverage and procedures for obtaining an exemption may be obtained by contacting the Student Insurance Office, 807 South Wright, Suite 480, Champaign, IL, or by calling (217) 333-0165.

You may not transfer your waiver to any another individual. Also, please note that you may earn a maximum of two waivers in a given academic year. This rule applies in all cases, including the case where personnel cooperate with different departments of the Urbana campus.
The Board of Trustees has approved the following revision to the Tuition & Fee Waiver (TFW) policy for Cooperating Teachers.  Beginning in the Fall 2009 semester, TFW for cooperating teachers will be awarded at the end of the term of service, and may be redeemed in any one of the four terms immediately following the term of service.  If the waiver is not used during that period it is canceled.  Thus, if a cooperating teacher hosts a student teacher (or accumulates the required number of hours of hosting EFE candidates) during the Fall 2009 term, the TFW may be used in any one of the following terms:  Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011.

Questions should be directed to Kim Pforr, Council on Teacher Education District Liaison, at 217-333-2804,; or visit our web site at

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